About - Rich-Yukubousky

There is serenity and spiritual quality to wild and isolated places. I feel "right sized" and humble when surrounded by the immensity and beauty of natural settings that no man or woman can create.

My interest in photography started with black and white film photography decades ago.  However, my career as an urban planner and director of a non-profit research organization       delayed serious pursuit of photography.  I am passionate about hiking and long distance walks, starting in the Adirondacks and Catskills of New York State and the Green Mountains of Vermont while living in Albany NY.      Since moving to Seattle in 1974 I have done countless hikes in the Washington Cascades and Olympic mountains. I have done backpacking trips and long treks in most western states - including Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, Nepal, Peru, Great Britain, Spain and Switzerland. I like to present images of places that many people will never see, often because it is very difficult to get there. The galleries of the John Muir Trail, one of the best long distance hikes in the world, illustrate this point. These photos were taken on a 175 mile backpacking trip of the Sierra Nevada in California, a  rigorous journey, mostly above 10,000 feet in elevation. Long walks are a wonderful way to slow down and appreciate and "see the light."